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Other names: Chupetinha, chupetinhu, Pimento de Bico

The meaning of the name is little beak - Little beak.
Origin: South America
Spicy: 1,000 – 500 SHU (Scoville scale)
Packaging: bag of 10-12 seeds

general description:
The shape of the peppers resembles the shape of a drop, the fruits are small, about 3 cm long, the peppers ripen from pale green to white and are characterized by a sweet lemony fruity taste. The plant reaches a height of 50-80 cm, beautiful and loaded with the small peppers.

Due to its low spiciness, it is suitable for people who are starting to cook with spicy food and is actually suitable for everything: fresh in a salad or chopped on pizza, in tomato sauces, in pesto sauce, pasta sauce, can be sautéed with other vegetables, and as an addition to sweet jams. Goes well with other leafy spices such as basil and parsley, and of course with meat dishes and more and more


  • intensity of spiciness:  1,000 – 500 SHU

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