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(Cayenne) Solero hot ring o fire

Spicy: 20,000  S.H.U

Packaging: bag of 10-12 seeds



Ring or Pierre pepper is a type of cayenne pepper that has an early and more yield compared to other cayenne varieties. The long and narrow fruits, about 10 cm long, are eaten when they are red, but they can also be eaten green, (unripe).

The plant is low but with a high yield and the peppers grow at the ends of the branches, like clusters.


Uses: suitable for eating fresh, dried or as a powder The cayenne pepper is excellent as an addition of spiciness to various dishes and dishes, without the taste of pepper being felt. Therefore, it is suitable as an addition of spiciness to foods such as chocolate, cookies and ice creams.

(Cayenne) Solero hot ring o fire

  • intensity of spiciness:  20,000 S.H.U


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