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Name: csipos savanyitassa Other names: csipos savanyitassa.

Cseresznyepaprika Degree of spiciness: 1.500-7000SHU (Scoville scale) Origin: Hungary Packaging: bag of 10-12 seeds An excellent and very productive variety from Hungary. The height of the plant is up to 70 cm. An interesting plant. The fruit is round and juicy, reminiscent of a tomato with a fleshy wall, ripening from green to red. The taste is sweet, and medium plus spicy. Unlike its brother, the Cherry Bomb. It is much more spicy, larger and the fruit grows upwards. The plant Yields quite a lot of fruit. The growth is challenging. This year we grew it for the first time and it was a really good surprise both in taste and in the level of spiciness. The Hungarian translation of the name is spicy pickling. That is why it is excellent for pickling and then filling with cheeses. Uses: pickling. Filling with cheeses, cooking. and filled with a variety of cheeses. and put in the oven. For salad and more...

csipos savanyitassa

SKU: sds11
  • intensity of spiciness:  1,000 – 500 SHU

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