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red Habanero 

Spicy: 250,000-300,000  S.H.U

Packaging: bag of 10-12 seeds

Origin: Mexico

Additional names: Paper Lantern Habanero


The peppers are between 2-3 cm long, have a plump pod shaped like a paper lantern (Lantern) and hence their name. Ripe from green to bright red then to red, and lack the characteristic glossy shade of this family.


The bushes are medium and high yielding, can be grown in pots and in the garden soil Uses: special fruity taste, suitable for sauces, excellent fresh in salads, goes very well with stews, can also be dried and made into a powder that can be added to everything!!!

red Habanero

  • intensity of spiciness:  250,000-300,000 S.H.U


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