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Red peter pepper

Spicy: 23,000 – 10,000 SHU (Scoville scale)


Packaging: bag of 10-12 seeds

Origin: Asia

General description: Very little is known about Peter pepper, it has not been defined as a specific type of pepper and its origin is also unknown and it is famous for its unique shape.
Pepper comes in 3 colors: yellow, orange and red. Pepper is an exotic pepper due to its shape reminiscent of a male genital organ (in some peppers) it can be used as a decoration in addition to its excellent taste. The fruit dries easily on the bush and does not rot, its taste is mild with moderate spiciness,


uses: suitable for spicy dishes, easy to dry, you can make powders and grinds, beautiful in the garden and in a pot.

Red peter pepper

  • intensity of spiciness: 23,000 – 10,000 SHU (Scoville scale)

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