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White Habanero

Spicy: 100.000-350.00 SHU

Packaging: bag of 10-12 seeds

- a stunning pepper, a member of the habanero family, although the bush is taller than the usual habanero bush and the fruit is small and stunning, about 2 cm in size, ivory white in color

The bushes are medium to large and high yielding, can be grown in pots and in the garden soil.


Uses: special fruit flavor, suitable for sauces, excellent fresh in salads, goes very well with stews, can also be dried and made into a powder suitable for everything!!! Mostly to eat Mexican. Because of its size and its stunning and unique color, it is great when served on the table, both because of its size, color and taste.

White Habanero

  • intensity of spiciness:100.000-350.00 SHU

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