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Love hot pepper, nice to meet you... My name is Alon, I really like hot pepper and agriculture, I invite you to get to know "Beit Hafelfel" - a greenhouse for growing hot peppers and very hot peppers located in Bethlehem of Galilee in the Jezreel Valley.

Our dream is to do things we love. Hot peppers are boiling love! We connected and connected together all the skills and loves, and invite you to enjoy together with us.

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To serve as a knowledge and innovation center based on hot peppers and their products. To reveal to you the variety and beauty of hot peppers, and to increase the community of hot pepper lovers wherever they are. Exactly for this purpose we established the "Pepper House" - a greenhouse and nursery for over 100 varieties of hot peppers.

Every morning we arrive at the greenhouse, work hard at growing the peppers, make spreads and sauces, dry peppers and grind them into powders, taste and burn and taste again.

Privacy & Safety

We grow and nurture our peppers.
The seeds and pollens are taken and produced from our produce. All products are stored in places that are adapted for this.
For safe payment, PayPal is used to make buying easy and secure.
We keep the buyer's details in order to contact the customers and inform them of the receipt of the payment and details about the products.

Payment Methods


Payment Methods
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