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Chili Plant

The pepper house - chilli peppers

A variety of chilli peppers plants and much more

Do you like chilli peppers? We love them!

Chilli peppers lovers, nice to meet you... We are Alon and Rami, chilli peppers lovers and agriculture. We are inviting you to learn more about the "Pepper House" - a greenhouse for growing chilli peppers (hot to extremely hot)  located in Bethlehem of Galilee in the beautiful Jezreel Valley.

Our dream is to do things we love and chilli peppers is our passion! We linked and connected our skills and loves to produce an amazing spicy experience for you to join us and enjoy together.

Our chilli shop

Is a paradise for spice lovers, why not go wild with over 150 varieties of chilli and other food products.

We offer chilli peppers plants, seeds, and powders from all over the world, as well as a verity of products that include chilli ingredients.

Why not experiment growing chilli peppers from seeds, or young plants. Try the different levels of spiciness from our large verity of chilli peppers or be surprised when tasting other food products made with chilli.

There are so many chilli peppers in the world and we only know a small portion of them...

Burning vision
To serve as a knowledge and innovation center based on chilli peppers and their products. To reveal to you the variety and beauty of chilli peppers, and to grow the community of chilli peppers lovers wherever they are. Exactly for this purpose we established the "Pepper House" - a greenhouse and nursery for over 150 varieties of chilli peppers.

Every morning we arrive at the greenhouse, work hard at growing the peppers, produce spreads and sauces, dry peppers and grind them into powders, taste and burn and taste again and again and again.

Spicy not just for experts -

      • Purchase fresh and dried peppers, chilli powders, seeds or spreads and sauces.
      • Discover the story behind each and every chilli and the additional flavors that accompany each one.
      • Learn about the growing conditions that different chilli peppers require.
      • Understand how the level of spiciness is defined and how it is measured.
      • Which chilli's are best to dry and which ones should be pickled.

Come and joins us for an experience, share our passion and love.

We offer guided tours of our greenhouse, including tastings (more or less...). Cooking workshops with useful tips and deep knowledge of chilli peppers.

You can explore our website for free and enjoy the information we have about chilli peppers. And if you have a question, please contact us. We would love to help or hear your comments.

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