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Sowing or planting chilli peppers

How to seed (starters) chilli peppers for pots
You can easily seed chilli peppers at home. The appropriate time for this is between March and April.

The ideal temperature for germinating chilli peppers ranges from 18c (64f) to 25c (77f) degrees.

Most seeds will sprout between 7 and 14 days. But some might even take 4 weeks, make sure you know and most of all be patient.

Before you start, you will need:

  • Your favorite chilli seeds

  • Planting tray or flower pots

  • Planting soil (consult your local nursery for which soil to use)

  • Gloves (recommended)

  • Water and sunlight

Chilli peppers, how to seed?
We recommend working with gloves to protect your hands.

After sowing, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

  • Fill the planting trays with soil

  • Moisten the soil by sprinkling water

  • With your finger or a stick, create a hole of about 1 cm (1/2 inch) deep in the middle of each planting cell.

    • If you choose to use a pot, make several holes about 2 cm (1 inch) apart.

  • Place 1-2 seeds in each hole and cover with soil

  • Water again

Note: In order for the seeds to sprout, the soil must be kept moist but not too wet.

  • Place the tray or pots in a bright place with lots of sun

Transferring to a bigger pot

How do you know that the sprouts are ready to be transferred to a bigger pot?

  • At around 3 to 4 weeks after sprouting

  • When the roots fill the planting cell

  • Try to gently pull the young shoot, if it is easily pulled out with the whole lump of soil. It is then time to transfer to a large pot

Tips for growing chilli peppers

  • Do not over water: if the soil is moist (you can touch it with your finger and check), there is no need to water, even for two or three days.

  • The sprouting takes place inside the soil, in the dark, so until the seeds sprout there is no need for light, but it is advisable to place the planting tray in a lighted area.

  • It is recommended to place the planting tray in a well illuminated place. The young sprouts will need sun light in order to grow (carry out photosynthesis).

  • Seeds that sprout in a shaded place will become legginess, that is, long and thin and have a light foliage tone.

  • From the seeding stage until transferring the young shoots (starters) to large pots, there is no need for fertilizer. The planting soil should contain all the nutrients the young plant requires.

Special varieties of chilli seeds available from us:

Some of the common chilli peppers we can offer you....

  • The most spicy - Carolina Reaper, 7 pot lucy, Scorpion, Apocalypse chocolate.

  • Suitable for small gardens or pots - Thai, Tabasco, Jalapeno, Fresno, Black Pearl.

  • Suitable for making chilli powders - Cayenne, Peach Ghost Scorpion, Jamaican Mashrom Jamaican Mushroom.

  • Largest harvest per plant - Red Habanero, Maya lantern Habanero, Cayenne.

  • Special varieties - Bird eye, Sugar Rush Peach.

  • We love the most at Pepper House - Lemon Drop, Chocolate Habanero and others listed on our website.

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