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Chili Peppers
פלפל חריף מותסס.jpg

Fermented chilli peppers


  • 2 kg of red chilli peppers

you can mix and match a verity of chilli's, better to use a verity which is less juicy and more dry, such as Jamaican Mushroom, cayenne.

  • 4 tablespoons of salt


  • Grind the peppers, with the seeds and the salt.

  • Move the pulp to a large jar and cover with a cloth such as a towel.

  • Ferment for about 10 days during which time stir daily.

  • How do you know the fermentation is working?

    • You will see that the pulp expands and increases its volume.

    • Sometimes there will be a white crust, which is fine.

  • Wait for about 10 days, by then the fermented sauce is ready.

  • Close with a lid and keep in the fridge.

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