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Orange habanero powder with thyme

Spicy: 125.000 + SHU (Scoville scale)
Bag weight: 15 g


The magic powder of the orange habaneroWe picked, washed, cut, dried and ground the orange habanero that we grow together with garlic. We dried it in a food dehydrator and then ground it with high-quality za'atar and coarse salt.


A unique taste of the habanero with its crazy spiciness. A real magic powderSpicy at a high levelUses: for trips, cooking. and upgrading every dish. I recommend that the powder can be put in bamba, potato chips, popcorn and more...A winning recipe for lettuce salad with mature cheese and olive oil.

Orange habanero powder with thyme

SKU: pdr5
  • intensity of spiciness: 125.000 + SHU (Scoville scale)

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